Blog | May 04, 2020
Watch: What does Venture37 mean?
The answer is tied to global food security and is more important now than ever
We know that the world’s population is growing. We also know that due to the Covid-19 pandemic, global food supply chains are being tested. Building resilient agricultural systems that can deliver nutritious, cost-effective food to all is more important now than ever. Alongside our corporate affiliate Land O’Lakes, Inc. and local partners around the globe, Land O'Lakes Venture37 is working to do just that. We are striving to help global communities thrive through agriculture – and we have been since 1981.


What does Land O'Lakes Venture37 mean?

Our name starts with Land O’Lakes. It’s due to our longstanding affiliation with Land O’Lakes, Inc., a $15 billion farmer-owned cooperative with diversified agribusinesses in dairy, livestock, crops and sustainability.  

Venture. It reflects the idea that we continuously need to work in new and innovative ways – across continents, cultures and markets to help farmers and their communities realize their full potential.

37. That’s the percentage of our Earth’s land where farmers grow the crops and raise the livestock that nourish our world. While the farmland footprint varies country to country, 37% is all we’ve got to work with to make abundant, nutritious food available for all. And we need to do this in a way that sustains the health of our planet.

 37%.  What will we do with it?
By Ashley Peterson 05/04/2020 #Blog