Publication | April 02, 2024
Venture37's Gender Integration Toolkit
A practical guide and checklist to help development implementers integrate gender during three key project lifecycle stages

This toolkit provides development implementers with the knowledge and tools necessary to integrate gender during three key project lifecycle elements: 1) project design; 2) project implementation, and 3) monitoring, evaluation, and learning. In the first component of the toolkit, the Venture37 Gender Integration Guide, the authors explain the underlying gender framework used to guide our gender integration; describes how to conduct a gender analysis; and provide tangible instructions for integrating gender in the three key project lifecycle elements. The second component, the Venture37 Gender Integration Checklist, is a user-friendly worksheet that can help development practitioners assess a project’s progress towards gender integration. The Gender Integration Guide and associated Checklist should be used in conjunction with one another.  

Part 1: Gender Integration Guide

Venture37 Gender Integration Guide (PDF Version)



Part 2: Gender Integration Checklist

Venture37 Gender Integration Checklist (PDF Version)

By Margaret Kasiko, Meredith Saggers 04/02/2024 #Publication