Blog | January 19, 2023
Report: Supporting the Dairy Sector in Lebanon through Farmer-to-Farmer Volunteer Expertise
In this report, the Lebanon Farmer-to-Farmer Food Safety and Quality Program shares takeaways from three of its volunteer experts on how to improve dairy nutrition, calf health, and farm management and hygiene based on their site visits in Lebanon.
Banner image: Volunteer experts Dr. Archie Devore, Mr. Gary Geisler, and Mr. Arvid Fristad stand in front of a dairy farm with the farm manager, Mr. Boulos Najjar

In the wake of persisting food insecurity in Lebanon, the Farmer-to-Farmer program recruited three volunteer experts to tackle dairy production opportunities and challenges in the country. The experts — Dr. Archie Devore, dairy nutrition and management expert; Mr. Gary Geisler, dairy calf health expert; and Mr. Arvid Fristad, farm management and hygiene expert — visited several dairy farms in Lebanon, in addition to dairy feed formulators, veterinarian companies, and input suppliers, to assess the current situation and identify areas for improvement. As a result of these site visits, the experts provided targeted recommendations to increase milk quantity through improved dairy feed rations. They also delivered on site trainings on farm hygiene practices —  especially in milk parlors — to improve milk quality and reduce contaminations. The experts also provided a theoretical training session for Lebanese University students on dairy farm management, followed by a practical visit to a close by dairy farm to witness these trainings in action. This report summarizes the findings and recommendations of the experts to support Lebanon’s dairy industry.

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By Farmer-to-Farmer Program: Food Safety and Quality 01/19/2023 #Blog